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Duo Realis Spinbait 90 3 1/2" / Smokey Bone

Duo Realis Spinbait 90

Duo Realis

3 1/2" / Smokey Bone


Smokey Bone
Grass Minnow
Ghost Gill
Threadfin Shad
Morning Dawn
Ghost M Shad
Komochi Shad
Komochi Wakasagi
Ghost Minnow


The Spinbait 90, created to match mature bait fish while adding finesse opportunities to tournament angler who prefer casting gear. The 90 has excellent trajectory and built-in multi-directional actions and still possesses a compact profile with low-co-efficient air and water drag.

Sub-surface tool for schooling fish
Perfect for the Japanese technique of Spybaiting
Superior castability, accurately hits targets
Internal structural frame of the 90 was designed to sustain the crushing blows from larger predatory fish
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